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We are Maine.

Ignite an East Coast Cannabis experience.

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Quality & Variety

East Coast Cannabis offers a stunning variety of cannabis cultivars, pre-rolled cannabis joints, craft batch concentrates, house extracted distillate and live resin vaporizer cartridges, precisely infused edibles and tinctures, clean and potent cannabis infused topicals, and high quality adventure gear, apparel, and cannabis accessories.

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Expert Guidance

East Coast Cannabis also offers guidance and instruction for new or seasoned cannabis consumers. Our skilled and experienced Cannasseurs can help elevate the cannabis adventure for any consumer.

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Why Shop East Coast Cannabis?

At East Coast Cannabis, we want to make the most of every day too.

Whether it’s enlivening your sense of adventure, awakening your spirit, or animating your imagination, the East Coast Cannabis experience is the trail to your next adventure.

Our cultivars are carefully grown by rugged hands, aged and cured with the patience true of New England character, and available in small batches at the peak of craftsmanship. Your time is best spent enjoying what is authentically Northeastern, and when you ignite an East Coast Cannabis experience, you’ll be living it with us.


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