NECANN Community Awards Winner: Best Maine Recreational Dispensary 2023

Lebanon ME's Premier Choice For Cannabis

East Coast Cannabis is the recreational pot shop of choice for our friends and neighbors in Lebanon, ME. We meet your every expectation, cater to every lifestyle and provide an exceptional experience. Our array of meticulously sourced cannabis offers the unique strains and terpenoids you’re looking for. A diversity of potency and delivery methods accommodate an adventure and activity as well as relaxation, socializing and therapeutic needs.

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All sorts of cannabis topicals, vapes, tinctures and extracts are just the start of our selection. Enjoy discretion, portability, convenience and outstanding cannabinoids. Browse the sparkling trichomes and incredible vibrancy of color or our flower. Take advantage of the ease of our pre-rolls and simplify your cannabis consumption with our accessories. Definitely don’t miss out on our delicious edibles created on-site in our very own kitchen!

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East Coast Cannabis pioneers the quality of our industry through a state-of-the-art cultivation facility. We nourish premier cannabis cultivators, setting new standards and satisfying the most refined preferences. Our love of cannabis and belief in a well-rounded, healthy, energetic way of life are showcased at our dispensary. You’ll find a knowledgeable, friendly and eager-to-share staff who can’t wait to assist on your road to superior wellness and happiness.