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Tinctures taken sublingually deliver cannabinoids/terpenes directly into the bloodstream for the onset of effects as quickly as fifteen minutes and lasting for two to three hours. A few drops under the tongue make dosing low-key, quick, and easy. And tinctures make wonderful topicals. The high percentage of cannabinoids has led to success stories in using tinctures for sunburns, facial care, muscle sprains, bruising, and psoriasis.

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For your marijuana tincture needs, stop by East Coast Cannabis!

One of the cool things about tinctures is that along with sublingual and topical application, they can be ingested as an edible as well! They can simply be added to any food or liquid. The compact packaging, dropper method, and lack of odor accommodate every activity from a mountain climb and kayaking trip to a day at the beach. At East Coast Cannabis, we meet the needs of your everyday life as well as those out-of-the-ordinary moments, enhancing each and every one.

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