NECANN Community Awards Winner: Best Maine Recreational Dispensary 2023

Kittery, ME Premium Cannabis Accessories

At East Coast Cannabis, we are proud to offer our customers with the finest quality marijuana lifestyle products that enhance well-being and promote adventure, whether used for medicinal or recreational purposes. We believe that marijuana has the ability to provide an empowering, enjoyable, and adventurous experience. With its powerful ability to heal the mind and body, you can find relief from your medical symptoms. With indica strains, you can experience needed relaxation after a hard day. With our hybrid and sativa strains, you can feel energized, happy, and ready to tackle the hiking trails or appreciate a wonderful camping experience.

If you’re in Kittery, ME looking for the best marijuana accessories, you’ll find just what you need when you choose to shop with us. Our dispensary is only about 10 minutes away when you take the ME-236 N. You’ll find us on the right across from Northern Pool & Spa. Make sure to take a look at our online menu where you’ll find vape pen batteries, rolling papers, rolling supplies, grinders, and dab tools for the most convenient and enjoyable experience with your marijuana products.

Shop Our Cannabis Accessories Online or In Store

When browsing our online menu, you can place all of your preferred accessories in your online shopping cart and you can place your order for in-store pickup. When you arrive at our dispensary, you won’t have to wait around for long at all and soon you’ll be on your way with your preferred marijuana products and accessories to have the ultimate adventure! If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products, give us a call or drop in for a visit!