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Strains that WON’T give you the Munchies

In the vast world of cannabis, East Coast Cannabis has cemented its position as the premier recreational marijuana dispensary in Lebanon, ME. As purveyors of quality, we offer a diverse array of strains, ranging from the effervescent Sativa to the grounding Indicas and the harmonious hybrids. Yet, our unique selling proposition emerges from the carefully curated selection of cannabis strains that satiate your senses while anatomically omitting the notorious munchies.

For those venturing into cannabis for its elevating properties without the increased desire for snacks, East Coast Cannabis provides a selection of strains that negate the munchies. These strains are specially designed to keep you lucid and aware, making them perfect for social settings or personal creative endeavors without sending you on a food frenzy.

Durban Poison

First on the list is Durban Poison. Known as the “espresso” of cannabis strains, Durban Poison brings a clear, focused high. Packed with THC-V, a cannabinoid said to suppress appetites, this strain hails from South Africa and stirs creativity while keeping unnecessary cravings at bay.

Power Plant

Next up, we have Power Plant. This particular strain walks the line between soothing and invigorating, proving to be an ideal choice for those seeking to experience cannabis highs without inviting the munchies. A South African native like Durban Poison, Power Plant has a reputation for providing a mild, pleasurable high that stimulates without promoting excessive eating.


Another cannabinoid that’s particularly good at mitigating the munchies is Humulene. This naturally occurring terpene boasts a subtly earthy flavor profile while acting as an appetite suppressant. Strains high in Humulene include Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel, both available at our top-notch recreational marijuana dispensary.

Providing potent, authentic, and refined products, East Coast Cannabis in Lebanon, ME operates above and beyond the average pot shop. Our Weed Dispensary Lebanon, ME, is much more than a storefront; it’s a rich, educational environment where knowledgeable staff eagerly guide patrons on their journey through the intricate world of cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or at the onset of your marijuana journey, we have a strain to fit every palate and purpose.

Looking for more strains that don’t lead to the munchies?

Beyond the strains listed above, we have numerous other varieties specifically aimed at minimizing the munchies and amplifying the positive effects of cannabis. East Coast Cannabis is not just a marijuana dispensary, but it is also a platform advocating for informed, responsible cannabis use. Our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other pot shops in Lebanon, ME.

Every strain at East Coast Cannabis promises a trip worth remembering, a high worth experiencing, and a satisfaction that stays long after the pot’s effects have phased out. At our dispensary, you’re not just buying weed; you’re investing in an experience formed by years of cultivation, curated collections, and a deep understanding of marijuana’s countless intricate facets.

At East Coast Cannabis, you’re more than just a customer. You’re a part of a conscious community dedicated to exploring the wonders and potential perils of cannabis, all with the assurance of unmatched quality, variety, and safe utilization. Whether you need cannabis strains that don’t bring on the munchies, promote sleep, or something for therapeutic use, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at our dispensary. Trust us to guide you through your weed journey, making it as enlightening and enjoyable as possible.